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PSA Photoelectric 240v With 9V Battery Backup Smoke Detector LIF5800/2

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PSA Photoelectric 240v With 9V Battery Backup Smoke Detector LIF5800/2

 “We are excited to introduce our Lifesaver Generation 2 range smoke alarms which are compliant to the AS3786:2014 standards. Keeping the popular Lifesaver smoke alarm installation design, the Series 2 has the same quick-slide and easy mounting base plate.  Integrated with advanced features, the PSA LIFESAVER Series 2 smoke alarm will be complemented with additional new products available soon.”

FOR MORE INFO VISIT PSA WEBSITE http://www.psaproducts.com.au/products/lif58002-240vac-photoelectric-9v-battery-back/


  • Photoelectric Technology
  • Single Test & Hush button 
  • Smallest insect screen available on the market 
  • Chamber dust monitoring – your smoke alarm will alert you when you it’s time for a clean!
  • Increased resilience to electrical interference
  • Same base plate as Series 1 models LIF5000, LIF5800 and LIF5800RL
  • Low battery warning delay – you can silence the low battery beeping for 8 hours giving you time to change the battery.
  • Low power consumption – approximately 1/8th of the amount of Series 1
  • Compliant to AS3786:2014
Australian Standards

AS3786:2014/Amdt 1:2015


SAI Global

Power Source

Mains Power 240VAC

Battery Back Up

9V Battery Backup (included)




up to 24 units and can use the LIFWMB (wireless interlink base)


with Series 1 – LIF5000, LIF5800, LIF5800RL


5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty